Testimonials for Karen Ayou

"We are so happy to have had Karen Ayou as our realtor to help us find our first home. From the moment we first started looking, to the endless amount of questions that seemed to keep coming after that, Karen was always available to promptly answer our questions. Karen is an outstanding realtor whose professionalism and trustworthiness always shines through, even in moments of stress. We highly recommend Karen as an honest and realistic guide to the world of purchasing and selling real estate. Thank you Karen for helping our dreams of owning the perfect house for us come true!"

Sophia & David Francescutti

I met this Realtor named Karen Ayou in the community while I was conducting a Coat Drive for Syrian Refugees mostly children. Unfortunately we were already at maximum for the load but I can tell you that Karen was so eager to contribute and selflessly help people she doesn't even know and will never meet on the other side of the earth. I could tell she was saddened at the news that her contributions would be able to be accepted at that time but she was also genuinely happy that we reached our donation goal for the trip. She also was eager to help me find a rental. I guarantee that when it comes time to buy my first home ( as I'm only 30) I will be calling Karen because I can tell she cares about her job and clients best interest. 5stars for sure!


David Mansoor

“The best realtor of the year in Nanaimo! If you need a professional and super helpful realtor to work close with you and release your stress while selling your house then I would definitely recommend Karen Ayou to work on your project. Great energy and strategy!…..Thank you Karen!!”

Sabine Lee

Karen was very genuine and approachable at all times. It was an absolute pleasure working with Karen. She was always on top of things and took care of us as first time home buyers. She was always available for questions we had and was very accommodating to our schedule! We would definitely recommend Karen to family and friends!

Amanda Berry & Clifford Carpenter

“As a real estate investor, I know that one of the most important members of my team is the Realtor. For me that realtor has been Karen Ayou. She knows Nanaimo and most importantly she knows what I am looking for to invest my money. Karen is patient, selective and has a keen eye for the right deal. I recommend Karen to anyone who values what real estate can do to create personal wealth. For a smart realtor and a genuinely great person you can do no better than Karen.”

Gordon Folka

We were very lucky to have Karen Ayou as our Realtor. She is such a sweet person and had lots of patience with us. She understood what we wanted and helped us organize the house. She made sure we got the best offer for our previous home and more importantly, the best value purchase for the new one. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, we would highly recommend Karen Ayou to help you in your life changing move. We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.”

Leo and Teresa Chen

I am honored to write this letter of reference for Karen Ayou. Karen was our Realtor of choice when we sold our home in Port Coquitlam in 2005. Ours was a company transfer and she not only had to deal with us as clients but the company that was also transferring my husband and me. Karen was very professional and went well out of her way to market our property and give us helpful hints in getting our house ready for sale. During the negotiations of the sale Karen was very patient and understanding of our needs and we feel negotiated the best deal for us. I would not hesitate to use Karen again or recommend her to any friends or family contemplating either selling their home or first time buyers looking to buy.

Yvonne Rhodes

I had decided to purchase a place on the mainland but did not know how to choose my Realtor. I happened to go to an open house quite by accident and briefly met Karen there. Even though the building was for people older than myself, she was very friendly, professional and helpful. After I left, I knew that I felt comfortable with her and trusted her. I had to head back home to a different city after that meeting. I called Karen and explained my situation and all my preferences about purchasing a new home. She understood everything and went to work for me immediately. I required her to find as many homes to fit my needs as possible within a short time period and I would come back here to view them all within a one week period. She was excellent in all regards and really listened to my feelings on the different places that I viewed. She knew what was important to me and did not waste our time showing me places that would not be right. We ended up finding the “perfect” home for me in a very short time period. I am very happy here. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is in need of an excellent Realtor. She is professional, yet friendly and very knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed!

B. Zanolli

Best realtor EVER!!!!! without a doubt!!!!!!

Rylee Zambon

Thanks to Karen we were able to make the move from the Lower Mainland back to our hometown of Nanaimo. In no time at all Karen found us not a house but a home. And now we were able to celebrate our daughters first birthday at that home with our entire family. Thank you Karen Ayou for being there for us during such a crazy transition period.

Jennifer Wilkes

As a first time home buyer, I did not know what to expect during the sales process. Working with Karen Ayou was the best thing I could have done to make the process go smoothly. Karen has a professional attitude and always responded to my endless questions and queries with patience. She helped me negotiate a fair price in a firm and determined manner and I ended up purchasing the condominium that I always dreamed of. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen’s Real Estate expertise to a potential home buying client as I am sure they will be as satisfied as I was. I am looking forward to completing my next sales transaction with Karen Ayou!

Sara Robertson

Karen always goes the extra mile for her clients!!

Ralph Case

Karen is the best realtor in Nanaimo. She Is superb at what she does.

Lauren Lee

Karen is warm, lovely, client centered and amazing at sharing gratitude!! She is good at what she does and lives what she does.

Jennie Potter

“I was a first time home buyer and was recommended Karen Ayou to be my realtor. Karen understood what I was looking for and led me through the process of buying my dream home. She was patient, kind and dependable. I have and will continue to recommend Karen to anyone looking to purchase a home. “

Ronda Jasman

Karen Ayou was the best! We had her out viewing houses on Sundays, Saturdays , and even on holidays! Thanks from us to you for a excellent adventure of home selling and of course buying another home!

Dean Bussiere

Good energy & effort - a real professional on everything I have asked her help with - I especially like her professional training & accreditation for "negotiation". Now there is a real functional skill.

Jim Routledge

Karen was extremely patient with us... Which she needed to be! We looked at about 50 houses and she didn't make one noise about us being a pain. She is the best!!!

Nadeen Jaik-Robinson

"I am pleased to provide this reference letter for Karen Ayou. My wife and I purchased our first home through Karen last month. We are extremely happy with the home she found for us. While dealing with Karen, we found her to be very professional, honest and reliable. Karen was there for us day or night. She answered the numerous amounts of questions we had in a timely manner. Karen went out of her way to make us happy and did not try to push anything on us, like other realtors sometimes do. In the future Karen will be the only realtor we will consider. We will continue to refer her to our family and friends."

Brad Ingimundson

What a wonderful experience we have had having Karen sell our home!!!! Not only a great friend to calm me down through the stresses of selling our home but as a Realator worked her butt off and went to all lengths with an end result of a quick and painless sale with an amazing offer to boot!! We could not be happier and never doubted her for a min!! Thank you Karen so very much for all you have done for us!! With out a doubt wouldn't choose anyone else!!!

Patricia Wilson

What a wonderful experience we have had having Karen sell our home!!!! Not only a great friend to calm me down through the stresses of selling our home but as a Realator worked her butt off and went to all lengths with an end result of a quick and painless sale with an amazing offer to boot!! We could not be happier and never doubted her for a min!! Thank you Karen so very much for all you have done for us!! With out a doubt wouldn't choose anyone else!!!

Sarah Vanden Elsen

“I had two investment properties to sell within a few months of each other in Nanaimo.

I listed one with Karen and was so happy with her I ended up listing the second one as well. The fact that Iam a top producing agent on the mainland meant I was going to be hard to impress…but she definitely impressed me!

Karen Ayou brought her own buyers through immediately and both homes were sold quickly and for top dollar. One of them was sold the first day it hit the market. I was very happy with Karen’s negotiating skills, her marketing and her professionalism. She truly did her best to get my homes sold with ads, social media, professional photography and staging. I will continue to use Karen Ayou as my Realtor of choice in Nanaimo and will not hesitate to recommend her to others.”

Don Butt | Top 60 Individual Re/Max Agents in Canada.

“As a new real estate investor, Karen Ayou has been professional and extremely approachable in helping me achieve my real estate goals. We “met” first via emails and listings and never once did she make me feel like I was wasting her time with my endless questions and research. She goes FAR beyond her responsibilities as a Realtor by helping me with tenant questions, driving, handyman research, property management research, watching my 3year old, etc. I have truly enjoyed working with her and feel I now have a new friend, personally and professionally. I would gladly recommend her to all my friends and family. I will continue to use Karen as my agent for all my dealings in Nanaimo."

P.Wilson, BJN Investments – Squamish, BC

"Upon many years of looking for our “perfect” home, we had the pleasure of meeting Karen Ayou upon one of our viewings. We were very impressed with her professionalism and no-pressure sales demeanour After dealing with many “crooked” Realtors from various agencies and having many hang ups once they discovered we were in no rush and wanted to be sure of what we purchased, it was such a refreshing experience to finally encounter Karen. She assured us she would hang with us until we found the “right” place, no matter how long it took. She certainly stuck to her word! After about 1.5 years, the time and place was finally found. We settled in the quiet community of Pitt Meadows in a beautiful, well-kept 2 year old townhome. Such a perfect starting home for myself and my fiance! Not all went well from there however, we had a terrible experience with our bank manager whose incompetence and lack of organization almost cost us the purchase of our home. On top of that, we had a broker who was always “conveniently” away and who’s lack of communication and rude receptionist almost made us want to walk away and say forget it! It was Karen who was there to support us and inform us on all angles of what we had to do, know and be prepared for. If it wasn’t for Karen, we would have most definitely walked away and started renting versus making the educated leap of entering into the currently hot market. Today we have now been happily residing in our perfect home for 1 year. We have switched bank managers and brokers since but have continued a relationship with Karen and have all intentions of using her in the future. She is a valuable asset to whichever agency has the fortune of hiring her."

Jessica Devlin & Stephen Blissett

As an new real estate investor, Karen Ayou has been professional yet understanding in helping me achieve my real estate goals. She is always ready to answer all my questions and goes far beyond her responsibilites as a realtor. She is someone that I have truly enjoyed working with and would gladly recommend her to all my friends and family. I will continue to use Karen as my agent for all my dealings in Nanaimo.

Ryan Pasta- Victoria BC

It is our pleasure to write a reference for Karen Ayou, the Realtor who helped us buy our first home.

Buying a house for us was a real challenge. First off, we were looking with a 5 year old and a young 3 year old in tow. Then we had specific needs with respect to what kind of house would suit us. It would have to be at the right price, in the right neighbourhood, have a pre-existing suite (with kitchen, separate entrance and laundry facilities you don’t have to walk outside to access). It also had to be close to transit.

What a mountain we had to climb in searching for a house. We feel very fortunate to have had Karen as our guide. There are lots of things we appreciated about her. Most importantly, we could tell she liked her job, which is probably why she was always pleasant and nice to deal with. She was accurate, competent, and reliable, so we never had to wait for her or check her work. Her experience and guidance at often time was appreciated. Importantly, Karen was long-suffering and patient. She remained cheerful even though we had to bring along kids who were tired, hungry and whiny, and she wouldn’t try to pressure us into buying as we went from house to house to house.

After months of looking, Karen finally met us on a dark and snowy January night, when most people were still enjoying rum and eggnog. That evening Karen showed us our dream house. We couldn’t believe how it fit our needs in every way. Our offer was accepted, and we were feeling good. But the challenges weren’t over. After signing a contract to sell, the Seller ran into legal problems which had to be resolved before we could take title. We were very disappointed to say the least. We felt that any other house could only be worse. So we weren’t going to give up. We waited. Karen was very supportive during these tough times. In fact, she was the only person who really understood what we were going through. It was always a source of consolation to talk to Karen.

The court date got postponed time and time again. Six months later, we started to consider looking at other houses, a prospect we found very disheartening. We didn’t expect Karen, who was moving to the Island at the time, to continue on with us. Would we ever buy a house? Being our Realtor seemed to be a thankless job. But I remember Karen’s loyalty. She said she’d stick with us no matter how long it took. That was nice to hear, after what we’d been through. It turned out we didn’t need to look at any other houses. The legal issue was resolved and we took title. We got a few congratulatory phone calls. But that wasn’t enough for Karen. The very next day she sent us the most gigantic bouquet of flowers we had ever seen.

Thanks Karen, for your help, your support, your enduring patience and most of all for finding us the perfect home.

Joe & Yasuko Dingwall